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I can help you accomplish your real estate goals.

R.E. Brokerage - Most real estate agents are not real estate brokers and therefore their negotiating ability and years of experience are limited. With me working for you as your Real Estate Broker you have someone with years of experience on your side. As a broker I am totally free to negotiate immediately on your behalf. Most real estate agents have to obtain permission from their broker who may or may not authorize what you and your agent have discussed and want out of a negotiation. In real estate timing is often everything.

Appraisal / Valuation - As a licensed Appraiser with over 15 years of combined residential and commercial experience I bring to the table a unique skill that you will benefit from, whether buyer or seller.

Lending/Financing - As a licensed loan originator I can help you get pre-qualified and find the best loan product for your particular situation, commercial or residential.

Seller's - from my appraisal knowledge knowing their property is priced correctly to begin with potentially saving them $1,000's of dollars in lost time on market, or worse underselling their property. If an Appraisal comes in low most brokers can fumble around and submit some market information that they think the appraiser ought to consider, however with me at your side you have someone that can authoritatively defend the value of your home.

Buyer's - in knowing they aren't wasting their time tied up on an overpriced deal and an unrealistic Seller, as they lose out on other opportunities. They also have the peace of mind they are not over-spending.

Buyer's when you are ready to start looking for your dream home or dream investment, first things first, you need to obtain a pre-qualification letter before setting out on your quest to buy your dream home. Once you have identified your dream home and have a ratified contract the loan process begins. It is very important that the team that is working on your loan insures you settle on time. If you don't you could lose your earnest money deposit, moving fee's, storage fee's time off from work, etc. If I am working with you as your Realtor I have proven industry veterans that can help. As I can only wear one hat at a time in a transaction. However, that does not negate that I have the knowledge to help you immensely sparing you the anxiety most buyers have not knowing if the financing is all going to fall into place on time, preventing the aforementioned potential losses.

Renter's need to escape the rental trap and get into a position to buy a home. I can help you get on the right path and guide you to the day when you are finally ready to make the move.

Seller's when the time is right and you have placed your property on the market, I can help you put in place the financing for your next home purchase.

Investor's Do you need financing to acquire or cash-out your investment properties or perhaps have the desire to expand into Multi-Family or other classes of commercial real estate, I can help.

Alden 1620 Home Services is not your ordinary real estate company. When considering who to help guide you on your real estate journey, please be discerning, and make the right choice. Chose to work with an organization uniquely equipped to handle all of your real estate needs. We will work diligently for you, whether it is finding a rental, a new home, an investment property, or selling to downsize or relocate, we will guide you through the process always with your best interest at heart.


Have a great day!

Stephen M. Smith
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